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Dr. Peterson, a dentist in Clayton, serves patients from the greater St. Louis community. Dr. Peterson is located in the Clayton Business District and is the cosmetic dentist to see for all of your dentistry needs. Dr. Peterson has a convenient locaion, freindly staff, and great services. Dr. Peterson has years of experience and will help you with all of your dental needs. Some of our services include:

Our goal is to assist you in maintaining your dental health in optimum form, function, and esthetics throughout your lifetime. The entire office team is trained to provide the finest dental care available. Part of our commitment includes regularly attending continuing education programs to remain constantly informed on the latest developments in dentistry. We believe in pampering our patients. Soft music, television, or your favorite DVDs are just a part of the office environment we have created to make your dental visits a special experience.

We respect your busy schedule and, therefore, manage our appointments efficiently. We always "inform before performing" so that you may better understand treatment.

Dr. William H. Peterson - Dentist Clayton MO

Dr. William H. Peterson

After 30 years of professional work experience, Dr. William H. Peterson’s Cosmetic Dentistry has created over thousands of smiles across the St. Louis area.  Dr. Peterson and his specialized staff continually strive to assist patients in maintaining optimum dental health as well as creating a pleasant experience.

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